General Rules

All dogs must be leashed when not warming up, practicing or performing. This includes arriving at or leaving the park. This is also in effect after the tournament and only 1 dog may be off leash at a time.

Don’t allow your dog to run into another’s practice area or onto the competition field during an event.

No puppies under 4 months of age are allowed at our events due to not being fully vaccinated

Overly aggressive dogs or humans may be asked to leave the event.

NO female dogs in any stage of heat are allowed at DiscDoGG events.

Always pick up after your dog and properly dispose of all trash. Carry a bag, a spare and one to share. We want to be welcomed back.

Abusive language or treatment of your dog, fellow participants, judges or others will not be tolerated.

Always represent the club in a positive manner. Unethical or shady behavior will not be tolerated.

No food or treats are allowed on the competition field, unless we are doing the Training Division.

Club members are expected to help out at all events.

The head judge will decide if a competitor’s disc are safe to compete with. Fastbacks, Hero Hyperflite and floppy discs are all pre approved, but if you are using different, please check with the head judge.

When competing, do not unleash your dog until the previous dog has been leashed.

If any round of competition is interrupted, time will stop and the competitor will be given the 3 choices- continue their round from where time was stopped, immediately do their round over, or move to the back of the order and redo their round. The competitor must decide right away. Loss of sound system does not count as an interruption.

Any issues with the event must be discussed with the head judge and event host. Their call will be final.

Serious infractions of these rules may result in being asked to leave or banned from the club.

Rev. 2016

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