Toss and Fetch Rules

1. Dog and handler must be behind the throwing line before the announcer says GO! After the first throw, dog and handler may move about the field as they like, but all throws must be made from behind the same throwing line where the team started to score.

2. 1 disc, 60 seconds. A 2nd disc may be given to the foot fault judge before the round starts to exchange with in case the first disc becomes damaged. The 2nd disc may only be taken after the foot fault judge has been given the damaged disc.

Time will continue to run during this handoff exchange. Countdown of time remaining will be given at 30 seconds, 10 seconds, 5 4 3 2 1 and time. Any throw that is released before the announcer says TIME will count.

3. 1 practice throw allowed, with or without dog, IN FIRST TOSS AND FETCH ROUND ONLY.

4. Announcer will ask if player is ready and time will start when the announcer says GO!

5. Stepping on or over the throwing line while making a throw will result in a foot fault and that throw will not be scored. Foot fault judges will raise a red flag to signal a footfault and the announcer will call out FOOTFAULT.

6. Time will not stop for nature breaks. The handler should continue as soon as the dog is ready and do any clean up immediately after their round. Competitors are asked to keep a poop bag in their pocket when competing to expedite clean up.

7. There will be no out of bounds at regular club tournaments.

8. Any catch made with all 4 paws clearly off the ground will be awarded a half point bonus.

• 0 – 10 YDS = 0 pts
• 10-20 YDS = 1 pt
• 20-30 YDS = 2 pts
• 30-40 YDS = 3 pts
• 40-50 YDS – 4 pts

10. In order to score in the higher scoring zone, all 4 paws must land in that zone or on the line.

Rev 2016

– DiscDoGG Novice Division Rules

The Novice Division is for people new to the sport, inexperienced, casual or walk-on players. This division is also open to microdogs (dogs weighing 20 lbs or less) and puppies(4 to 8 months old).

We realize that teams progress at different rates when beginning to compete. In some instances, their team skills may be more advanced and they may want to start in a higher division right away. New teams are not required to start off in the novice division if they so choose. For others it may take more time and practice before moving up to the next division.

The following rule has been adopted in 2016 and applies to all Novice Division teams at a regular club tournament where the Novice Division has 5 or more entries:

If competitors in the Novice division win an event and have another placement of 1st, 2nd or 3rd, they will be promoted to the pro division.

Note: The order in which the achievements occur are not critical. The following examples will require a competitor to be promoted to the Pro Division:

Two wins;
A win and a 2nd or 3rd place finish;
A 3rd or 2nd place finish and a win;