Freestyle Rules

Freestyle is a 2 minute timed event showcasing a handler and canine performing tricks, throws and catches using 7 discs. Routines must be at least 90 seconds to be scored, and are performed to music. New teams are encouraged to just go out there and play with your dog!

Dogs must be 18 months or older to compete in Freestyle as their bodies are not yet fully developed.

Music must be family friendly. We ask that music be a labeled CD in a case with the handler’s name, dog’s name and track number clearly labeled on the case AND the CD. Phones and MP3 players are acceptable, but must be labeled and cued to the song.

Props or costumes must be preapproved by the head judge. Their call will be final and based on the safety for the competitors.

DiscDoGG wishes to state that vaulting is NOT necessary to compete in Freestyle! Many dogs have become World Champions without doing a single vault! Vaults that are not done in a safe and controlled manner will negatively affect your score!

Time will start upon the release of disc from hand. This can be done by a throw or a take. A take is where the disc is handed off to the dog and not thrown. Takes will start time for a freestyle competitor, but will not be scored as a catch! Rollers, however will be scored as a catch if they are executed cleanly.

The announcer will start time as the first disc is released. Competitors will be informed when there is 60, 30, 10 seconds remaining and TIME when the round is done.

Nature breaks will NOT stop time! Competitors shall finish their round when the canine is ready and any clean up necessary must be done IMMEDIATELY after the round. We ask that dog urine be watered down as not to distract other canine competitors. DiscDoGG strongly asks that all canines be “pottied” before taking the field! Please make sure you have a poop bag in your pocket when you take the competition field.

In the unfortunate event of a power or music outage, the competitor shall continue their routine. These occurrences are rare, but it does happen.


Freestyle routines will be judged with the following criteria in mind.

B Basics- Variety of tricks and/or disc releases. Smooth transitions between moves. Routine flows well without obvious breaks in the action. Good disc management and execution of throws. 10 points max

A Appeal- Presentation, showmanship, ingenuity and degree of difficulty. 10 points max.

R Results- Straight math. Total number of catches divided by total number of throws.

K K9 skills- Drive, focus, athleticism, control of body when jumping and landing, having fun! 10 points

In the Open division, freestyle scores will be doubled and added to the competitor’s toss and fetch score for a total score.

In the event of a tie the following will be used as a tiebreaker:

1) The competitor with the highest combined score in the A and K categories

2) The competitor with the highest catch ratio.