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Club Info

A Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate play dateDiscDoGG provides a fun social outlet for dogs and their handlers. Come out and enjoy the company of your dog while you make new friends at the same time. All skill levels are welcome to participate, from novice to the advanced competitor. This sport is ideal for men, women, boys and girls alike.

Play Days or Workshops

Whether or not your dog currently catches discs, play days offer a great opportunity for you to learn how to play disc catching  in a safe, fun and supportive environment. These events are free and open to anyone interested in learning this sport.

Disc Dog of the Golden Gate play date funAt a typical Play Day, workshops are held to teach and practice different types of throws or skills to newer members. During these initial throw training sessions the receiver is usually another human.

More experienced teams share their freestyle pointers and practice tricks. A mini-distance field is set up for those wanting to practice Toss & Fetch.


The Novice Division is designed for teams new to the sport, and includes two rounds of Toss & Fetch, with no Freestyle round.

The Intermediate Division is for those teams that have graduated beyond the Novice Division, and is a stepping stone to the Pro Division.

The Pro Division is for experienced teams who have moved up from the Novice division and consists of two rounds of Toss & Fetch, with no Freestyle round.

The Advanced/Open Division is for competitors with a Freestyle routine. Freestyle consists of a timed routine of tricks choreographed to music in addition to one round of Toss & Fetch.

Other competition formats include pure distance events. The disc is thrown as far as possible and your dog must successfully complete the catch. An obstacle event tests the handlers throwing skill and control with the dog providing a successful catch in a selected zone.

DiscDoGG Etiquette

In the interest of canine and handler welfare, we ask the following at our events.

  • Be mindful and safe. Leash your canine when not warming up, practicing or performing.
  • Don’t allow your dog to run into another’s practice area or onto the competition field during an event.
  • Overly aggressive dogs may be asked to leave.
  • NO female dogs in any stage of heat.
  • Always pick up after your dog. Carry a bag, a spare and one to share. We want to be welcomed back.
  • Be kind to your canine. Abusive language or treatment of your dog or others will not be tolerated.

For a more extensive list of basic guidelines, see our General Rules page.

What to Bring

  • Discs, a limited number of discs may be available for sale.
  • Standard leash, Flexi-leads are discouraged.
  • X-pen, crate or tie down.
  • Plenty of water for you and your dog.
  • Shade, be prepared just in case you need it.
  • Chair or ground cloth.
  • Proof of rabies vaccination